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Steemit Articles 


We are accepting Steemit articles publication of your Waves Project and other business promotion. We will help you to give more audience on steemit platform, resteeming it and give rewards to community via upvotes. 


Please email us your complete Project information or contact us on


We accept RedfishCoin as payment for promoting your projects. You can contact us also on Telegram.

Waves Wallet 

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Fill your wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, US dollars, Litecoin or Euros.

You can convert them to Redfishcoin using the decentralized exchange, which you can find on the Waves client.


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Medium Publication

Retweet Post

We accept RedfishCoin Payment for Medium publication of your Project. Also we give RedfishCoin for reading our publication, gives clap in our Telegram Group. Contact us for your complete Project Information and the said payment for the service...

We will retweet your twit post and the community loves to participates of this simple task. Contact us for the amount per post retweet. We will manage to retweet your post and promote...

Steemit Publication

Medium Publication

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Monthly Rewards

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Service and Rewards




RedfishCoin (REDF) is a Waves Token. Community asset utilities in giving rewards, service payments, tips, etc, that you can trade to BTC/Waves/USD and other cryptocurrencies alike.




You can buy at WavesDEX and other Exchange. Learn to buy/sell here



What is Monthly Rewards?

Monthly Rewards are an optional way of distributing RedfishCoin supporters/Holders. Another way of stabilizing Redfish Value. It is subject to change every contract/terms. It does guarantee to earn more REDF Token. It may not apply to you if you are not a long term holder.



What are Monthly Rewards for 2019?


20 REDF, Get 2% REDF Monthly Rewards

50 REDF, Get 3% REDF Monthly Rewards

100 REDF, Get 3% REDF Monthly Rewards & Bonus

500 REDF, Get 5% REDF Monthly Rewards & Bonus

1000 REDF, Get 7% REDF Monthly Rewards & Bonus





When is the Monthly Rewards distribution?

Snap shots are taken every 24th day of the month for calculation. Rewards distribution occur every 25th day of the month until the end of terms.



What Currency I will Receive on this Monthly rewards?

You will receive RedfishCoin as community token. Example: John holds 100 REDF, he will receive 3 REDF as 3% Monthly Rewards on the 25th day of the month.



How does one earn rewards apart from REDF holding?

You can earn rewards by steemit posting, retweet task, telegram referrals, medium reading and claps, and others.



Do we need to help to grow the STEEMIT account of REDFISH by liking and upvoting content?

Helping @redfishelp account on steemit on upvoting and resteeming post is totally optional. But your help is much appreciated in upvoting @redfishelp content.



How much it cost to submit for Steemit Publication?

We accept 10 REDF per post, We will upvote and pay all who participated on resteem task. Same also on retweet and Medium Publication. Contact for more info.








All the above information is for educational purposes only. This does not serve any guarantee of owning this token can gain profit. Holding this token is at your own risk. The creator is not liable for any changes in price in the DEX market, nor the distribution of this token. Above information may not apply to you.)