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Rewarding LWEE Millionaires

LaWeebly (LWEE)- Generating rewards for the first 100 Millionaires of laweebly Token. Rewards are given every 25th day of the month until funds allocation depleted.

LWEE Information


Asset ID : AcYNsqLvLK3wC2LjZz7wsamgpig3fdb3jKsTzAaznnZR

Name : LaWeebly Token

Symbol : LWEE

Reissuable : False

Decimals : 2

Total supply : 200000000.00

Max supply : 200000000.00

Circulating : 164749819.00

Source : PYWAVES

Wallet Excluded on Rewards

Issuer : 3PR1JDD4zLrwrdXt6JPqcwdLYsUDQYfADba

Faucet : 3PQQpfzTFpCpfV5XuR462Htsf7SVmU4h2ox

LWEE Faucet

LWEE Faucet

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Spyro @Hexaclus

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LWEE Rewards and Distribution

Hold 5 Million LWEE,get 500k LWEE

November 25, 2019